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Pediatric nutrition (children and teenagers)

When you have children, it can be complicated to know what is the optimal food model for them, especially during (pre)adolescence when they grow very fast and often tend to exclude valuable foods from their diet, consume too many processed products or give up important meals of the day.

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Why is it important to evaluate and monitor your child's nutritional status?

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Children and adolescents need nutrition and a balanced lifestyle for a healthy and harmonious development

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Eating behavior is formed in childhood and most of the time it mirrors that of the parents. This is why it is important to migrate with your child to a healthy food model

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A deficient nutrition in childhood can cause the installation of various (chronic) pathologies later in adult life

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If you are already projecting in your mind the change for the better in your child's mood, performance, level of concentration and productivity, access to the Healthy Nutrition Program for children and adolescents will offer you (i.e.: you and your child) the following advantages and information "evidence- based”:

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Performance reccomendations

You can find out what the international standards are regarding the recommendation of daily physical activity, the duration of sleep and the maximum duration of exposure to screens ("screentime").

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Caloric and nutritional requirements

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Macro and micro nutrients requirements

Recommendations adapted to each age

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Support information

Nutrition and physical activity guides

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Fact sheets for healthy meals

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For the inclusion of healthy foods in the dietary pattern

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Master plan of the food model

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Cilantro nutritie integrativa
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