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Cilantro nutritie integrativa si health coaching

Nutrition for schools

Schools in the West already have standards and guidelines for "school food", hubs of culinary recipes or cooking classes held together with chefs who also have training in nutrition.

Children in schools

Even though the structure and regulations of this kind still have a long way to go before they have an effect in our country, schools that aim to help their students to be healthier, to improve their productivity, concentration level, mood and performance, can do so. using the services of a health specialist who is certified as an International Nutrition Educator.

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Depending on the needs identified by the school management, nutritional education services may include:

kid learning
program content
Group presentations with various themes, delivered to both students and teachers
  • What does a healthy eating pattern look like?
    • Infographics
    • Fundamental principles of nutrition
  • Nutrition for the mind
  • Nutrition for the heart
  • How to read nutritional labels?
program content
Analysis and feedback

for the menu provided in the school by the catering company

program content
Nutrition tips

program content
Nutritional education newsletter
program content
Healthy cooking classes (coming soon)

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Cilantro nutritie integrativa
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