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Cilantro nutritie integrativa si health coaching

Integrative nutrition - one-to-one

Quality nutrition is the key to feeling and functioning at optimal health parameters. If you're wondering what quality nutrition is, you've come to the right place, because we're going to define together what that means for you, based on your needs and goals.

 one to one session

How will we do this?

Based on a structured and rigorous process, carefully planned and unique in its own way, which goes through the following stages:

step 1

We first determine your "food personality" type

based on psychonutrition questionnaires. From here I help you find out the latest scientific information about nutrition, food and their particular connection with your body's needs.

step 2

I help you find out WHAT, HOW, HOW MUCH and WHERE to eat

for the long-term success of the change for the better that you desire. We will do this by having as materials for you guidelines and clinical studies of the most prestigious institutes and universities in the world, recognized for their contribution to research related to the science of nutrition.

step 3

Because I am one of the few certified International Nutrition Educators in the world

we can work efficiently in a way where your learning process is flexible and also has a component of playful spirit.

step 4

We achieve sustainable results

During the sessions we always keep in mind that the goal of the collaboration is to equally love both food (in a healthy way) and the body you live in.

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Integrative nutrition programs are individualized according to purpose, such as:

nutritional program

Emotional eating

nutritional program

Weight loss or gain

nutritional program

Monitoring and maintaining results

nutritional program

Nutrition for hormonal balance

What is included in the integrative nutrition programs?

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First session


nutritional planning
program content
Nutritional anamnesis
  • Your family and personal health history, useful in establishing nutritional status
  • Data about your social context (living conditions, work, place of residence, etc.) - what the World Health Organization calls "Social Determinants of Health".
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program content
Diet history

follow the qualitative and quantitative reconstruction of your food pattern with the identification of possible nutritional gaps

program content
Determination of anthropometric data

circumference measurements, index calculation (e.g.: BMI - Body Mass Index)

program content
Establishing the necessary laboratory analyses
program content
Setting objectives

for the next meeting (writing a food and lifestyle diary, etc.)

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Second session


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The next sessions (3-12)


Program details


12 sessions


320 lei/session or 3.000 lei
12% discount for whole payment

Cilantro nutritie integrativa
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