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GDPR Policy

Cilantro SRL, a Romanian legal entity registered at the Trade Register under number J40/14124/2021, CUI 44749590, applies the following terms and conditions regarding personal data:

About this section:

This section refers to the personal data that you make available to us by initiating contact, requesting offers, asking questions or for any other reason that leads to the transmission of this data.

What data is collected?

Your data is collected and processed when you interact with us in any way, including the contacts in the dedicated form, by email, phone calls or registration in contests, promotions, studies organized by us - for your own interests or those of third parties. This information may include, for example: name, email address, phone number, company, its seniority, and any other voluntarily provided information. We will not collect and process sensitive personal data. Of course, each visit to the site leads to the collection automatic collection of the IP address, necessary for connecting the computer to the Internet, but also of the browser type, time settings, browser extensions, operating system, type and brand of the mobile device, visit data, accessed URLs, click sequences, search data, duration of visits to certain pages, interaction with pages (such as clicks, page scrolling, etc.). and other login information - processing data through third-party cookie files detailed in the Cookie Policy.

If we receive your personal data from third parties, they will be managed according to the agreement you have given to these third parties and within the limits agreed with them.

When is your data collected?

Your data is collected after interacting with us, either by accessing our website, or through the contact forms available on the website, or by email, phone, chat or other forms of initiating contact.

How is your data used?

Your data is processed for the purpose of improving your interaction with the site and its subdomains, but also for the purpose of general improvement of the company's services, or of official communications, informative or commercial, through direct marketing practices, but also through online marketing tools, such as Social Media, both on the agency's website and on third-party websites or outside of them.

Who has access to your data?

Your data is accessible exclusively to a restricted group of employees. In certain situations, your data can be offered to third parties, service providers or consultants in the legal field. We will not sell your personal data under any conditions to third parties. The disclosure of personal data can be made to service providers that offer IT support , security services, analysis services and search engines, to business partners and subcontractors or to consultants, lawyers and other persons in the legal field.

Your rights

In relation to your personal data, you have a number of rights:

The right to have the data processed in a fair, legal and transparent manner

The right to be informed about the use of this data

The right to access your personal data

The right to request the modification, transfer or deletion of this data

The right to refuse further processing of this data

The right to object to automatic decision processes, influenced by this data, which produce legal effects

The right to address the competent authorities regarding the violation of your rights.

Accessing your data, modifying or deleting it

You can request to view, modify or delete data at any time, by email to the address: contact@cilantro.ro
All requests are resolved within 30 days from transmission.

Withdrawal of consent

You can withdraw your consent for the processing of your data at any time, by email to contact@cilantro.ro, a request that will take effect within 24 hours of transmission, and will not apply retroactively.

Data security and duration of storage

Your data is stored safely in the EU. The duration of keeping this data is influenced by the need to process your requests, but it will not be longer than 5 years.


You can contact us using the contact details in the dedicated section of the website, or at the address: contact@cilantro.ro

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